To play, click on the screen above and press Alt (A) on the Main Menu.


WASD or Arrow Keys - Move

Alt - A / Interact

CTRL - B / Back

Enter - Inventory


Melanie and the Magic Forest is a relaxing, no combat Game Boy adventure game filled with magic, quirky characters, and late 90's references.

Explore the Magic Forest as Melanie and help your fellow residents. Grow some vegetables, make new friends, and most importantly - pet the dog!!

Approximate play time: ~ 30 mins

Also available for download to play on Game Boy emulators.

My game would not have been possible without the support of my husband, Matt Hansen.

Music by krümel (crumb)#0723

Made using GB Studio by Chris Maltby. 

Special Thanks to my testers!

  • Danielle Lovell
  • Brendan Aytch
  • Colin McCaul
  • Kathryn Taccone
  • Vittoria Carulli
  • Olivia
  • Ella Richmyre
  • Rain Pavasko

A game by Chloe Hansen.

Toadstool Picnic, LLC. April 2022.


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Create, create and create again. I'm following you) The game is just great, but it turned out there are 2 more additional cut-scenes.

Cute and engaging, congratulations, love it.

"most importantly PET THE DOG" quietly clicks on the play butto

Great game, i like this game, really enjoy playing it, keep it up :)

I loved this game so much! Had the best time playing it ☺️

Lovely, lovely game. Got 4/4 cutscenes right to start with, loved all the little touches. One thing though, Kiba blocked me one time when he started to follow me and I had to restart the game!

Thank you for playing and reporting a bug! I will be updating the game shortly to fix.

Awesome! ❤️


Hello Chloe,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at I really enjoyed Melanie and the Magic Forest, I think it would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates

how do i play it i download the file on my mac but it's still a file and i don't know what do i need to play it. any help?

You can play it in the browser. There is a play button at the top of the page that says “run game”, if you click on that the game should start. Press A or Option button (for Mac) when you see the menu that says “A Start”.

The downloadable file only works through Game Boy emulators.

I didn't fully know what to expect with this game, having played through so many homebrews already.  This game out of the gate is a sight for welcomed eyes, the colour palette is GORGEOUS and music follows suit.

This was a VERY relaxing game to play that offers an extended ending if you can uncover all the extra cut scenes.  I adored the story and sprite work and the throw backs to some of the 90s and early 2000s pop culture references.  

Highly recommend checking out this game.

thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your play through!

This game is so cute! I got two of four cutscenes on my first playthrough. Gives off some great Link's Awakening vibes.

Thank you!

Love it :D

Thank you!

Such a cute game ahh, now I just need to replay until I get all the cut scenes haha

Thank you so much for playing!


3/4 cutscenes. Love the game. 

Thank you!

You're welcome friend :)

Beautiful pixel art, peaceful gameplay. Loved it!


Thank you so much!

Cute game! It’s a relaxing experience! The characters are adorable and quirky. There was a good amount to explore as well! Great work!

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Thank you for playing and sharing!


Awesome art, cute and lovely story! Going to emulate it on my GB so that I can enjoy it even more on the go. Well done! 👏🎉

Thank you!!


The art of this game is so well made!
Amazing work!

Thank you so much!