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Everything is very cool. I studied at the university for 8 years, and exams have always been stressful for me, and especially preparing for them. Sorry for the comments, but in one of the rooms the heroine can walk on the wall... And so I really fell in love with this visual novel. An interesting idea of game mechanics for this particular genre)

This was such a cute little game. I enjoyed it a lot. Great job! 

Great game! How did you get the Game Boy buttons to appear for a mobile friendly player?

Thank you! The buttons for mobile are included when you export a WEB file from GB Studio and have mobile friendly enabled on


Cute and sweet! Very nice artwork, excellent presentation. Really evokes the choices we always have to make.

Thank you so much! 

Great artwork, fun concept. I enjoyed it al ot, and got a B :P. 

Thank you for playing and sharing your playthrough!

This is so charming!! the art and music is so authentic and pretty i love it :)


Thank you so much!

Thanks for joining the jam and making such a beautiful game in only 7 days!
The artwork is incredibly beautiful, the music is nice and the minigame is fun as well!

Thank you so much, Tronimal! The jam was a lot of fun. Definitely interested if you host another game boy jam in the future!

This Jam should happen every year! 
And will also be improved. Lots of notes were already taken. :)

Impressive! ❤️


Thank you!

You're welcome! ❤️